Strong chicken?

Not sure what this poster is advertising, I reckon it’s in Malyalam (spoke in Kerala) and I still need to find someone who can translate it for me.  If you have any idea, please do enlighten us in the comment space below 🙂
An anonymous visitor post the answer:
chicken house
meat chicken”

By all means, a very creative marketing poster!


Pondy Kappi

What’s with kapi (Tamil pronunciation of Coffee) in Pondy via @Devarya on twitter.  In a number of Indian languages  The F becomes P, football=pootball.  So in order to make sure they get Pure milk, best to write it as Fure 🙂 smart!

We’ve hit 100k pageviews!

Dear pageviewers,
we’ve hit 100,000 pageviews sometimes in the early morning on Thursday 19th July.  A big thank you for this milestone to you all.  Please keep viewing.  So what did we do right?  Here is a review of the top-ten most-viewed post on Only In India!

Here is a small review of who you all are:

A short 6 months to 100k views!
Where are you from… What browser you use…

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