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we2ours2.in is a blog about India.  It is a collection of humorous photos, short videos, music, prank calls, travel destinations and general observation about India, including what we find cool and fascinating, hence the title Only in India.

Originally started by Aurovrata V, a Frenchman made in India, (yes folks, the Made-in-India tag extends to Frenchmen as well 🙂 Tamil-speaking, Idli-eating, Sambar-cooking, Ganesh-praying and cricket-playing south Indian at heart masquerading as a Frenchman.
In time a number of friends have contributed too and we now have a long list of various contributors, which you can find below.

we2our2.in I started on the free (as in free-beer) blogger platform which promptly revealed its limitations. Many of you have visited, followed, encouraged us on the first version, and we thank you for all the support and sharing.

we2ours2.in II has been re-designed using various contributions. First of all a big thank you to the Syllogic team, professional WordPress developers based in Chennai who have managed some great work.  The theme is an extension of Surfarama, a free theme from WPdevshed.com.  It is totally responsive, which means you can view the blog on your mobile phone, tablet, phablet, desktop, google-glass and whatever other device you want to load the site on.

In this new avatar of we2ours2.in, we also introduce a new section for travellers, basically an interactive Google map section that allows you to discover places worth checking out in India, along with photos and short summary of what we liked about those places.  We hope you enjoy the new blog.  Feel free to get in touch, comment or simply vote your favourite posts.

 What’s with the logo?only in india logo

Good question, well the folks over at Syllogic.in decided to come up with some jazzy logo for version II of this blog and came across an interesting project, called The Hinglish Project ( thehinglishproject.com ).  Although the font requires flash to work, Syllogic being a champion of open standards decided to implement the font using pure HTML the result of which you see in our header.  If you would like to use this font for your own page/site, then you may want to visit the Syllogic post where a detailed tutorial explains how to reproduce the magic.