Tranquebar, a piece of Danish history

Tranquebar, Tamil Nadu - Only In India

This is a small town on the Bay of Bengal which was colonised and developed by the Danish in 1620.A number of old colonial buildings have been recently renovated along, most notably the old Governor’s house which now houses the Nimrana boutique hotel.

There are 3 decent hotels in Tranquebar, the Bungalow on the Beach, the Hotel Tamil Nadu and the Gate House.ย  I recommend the later for its quaint and peaceful atmosphere with a very secluded pool.

Do not eat at the main restaurant at the Bungalow on the Beach, it is expensive and utterly overrated.ย  I have eaten tastier food in road-side joints.ย  The breakfast is the only mean worth having.

A quiet little town by the Bay of Bengal, scene of Danish colonial ambitions in India.