One brick at a time!

Ingenious, close observation reveals that there is very careful planning of the brick layout, which means this is a regular work: from the hole left to take control of the handle bar along with a gunny bag to protect the arm; to the rear bottommost brick placed in order to stabilise the entire column of bricks and stop them slipping off the rear; as well as the first brick placed on the cycle chain pedaller to build the edifice.  Brilliant!

All terrain 3×3

The Gypsy, the first 4×4 from Japanese manufacturer Suzuki and an icon of Indian cars.  These cars are still in big demand today, hence their 2nd hand bodies are still fetching a good price.  In India, nothing is wasted!

Good ol TVS 50

The TVS 50 is a 50 cc moped that has not changed in design since 1980. Its robust design means that it can withstand a lot of punishment. Thousands, if not millions have been sold today one can spot them at every street corner by the dozen. However, due to their reliability and low power, they are often loaded to the rafters and pause a danger to a traffic that is ever evolving towards more powerful engines and therefore faster speeds.

Photo by: Kannanokonnan