To obey or not to obey!

There is a lot of disregard for rules in India, as this photos clearly points out.  This causes us a lot of problems such as chaotic traffic,  disorderly queues, delayed pubic services, and so many other issues… but that is also what makes part of the charm of our country.


We’ve hit 100k pageviews!

Dear pageviewers,
we’ve hit 100,000 pageviews sometimes in the early morning on Thursday 19th July.  A big thank you for this milestone to you all.  Please keep viewing.  So what did we do right?  Here is a review of the top-ten most-viewed post on Only In India!

Here is a small review of who you all are:

A short 6 months to 100k views!
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Calling the lift in India…

It is still very common to see people pressing the wrong button when calling the lift.  They look at the position of the lift and press the corresponding button to make it come to their floor.  Very often, confused by this logic, number are those that press both buttons!  It just put a wide smile on your face… unless you’re in a hurry 🙁