Strong chicken?

Not sure what this poster is advertising, I reckon it’s in Malyalam (spoke in Kerala) and I still need to find someone who can translate it for me.  If you have any idea, please do enlighten us in the comment space below 🙂
An anonymous visitor post the answer:
chicken house
meat chicken”

By all means, a very creative marketing poster!


The absurdity of Indian administration

A small background note: Alcohol distribution is handled by the state governments in India, with each state having its own archaic rules.  Here is a funny event in Bangalore (the sillicon valley of India), beer being a favourite thirst quencher of the IT crowd.  The administration in this case was obviously at pains to get rid of excess liquor on their hands.  Typical Indian administration is still reliant on an army of workers and mountains of paper work. In a growing market no one is able to keep track of demand and therefore mismatch between supply and demand occur… some clerk obviously ordered too much brandy!  Now what you should also know is that the head of these administration empires are unlikely to brainstorm on a problem and rather impose a solution! The article is well worth a read.