Two by one?

Probably the wife and the mother-in-law…. 😉  Two by one is a play on a a regular Indian expression, One by Two, where we love to share with our friends, relatives and companions.  One by Two literally means something shared fifty-fifty.  So if you happen to step into an eatery and ask for a coffee one-by-two, the waiter will bring you one coffee and an empty cup so you can share it.  This is India Only!


Elephant holiday

Elephants are considered sacred animals and extensively used in religious ceremonies at big south Indian temples.

So every year, a state law decrees that all these animals must be given a holiday, they are carried off by truck to the rejuvenation camp.

The camp consist of regular bath with thorough cleaning of the animal (elephants love water)….

…healthy diets of of carefully prepared food, as well as little treats such as bananas,

…and plenty of TLC with Ayurvedic medicinal treatment.