Spot the difference.

I can testify personally to this scene, my little sister growing up in the countryside was often called bommai which means doll in Tamil, as in the western concept of a barbie doll!  Her white skin, blond hair and blue eyes made her stand out.


Film stars and demi-gods

Surya, one of the big superstar if Tamil cinema, popular among the younger generation has launched his new movie which has been received with adulation by his horde of fans.  As part of the ritual, a huge larger-than-life poster has been erected, garlanded and anointed with water and milk.  A ritual that is normally reserved for temple idols.

Entrance to the local theatre

Queueing up for tickets under the watchful eye of the police in case violence erupts.


Aspiring recruits for the security forces

Recruitment for the forces is all about health, strength and height.
This is a great photo as it illustrates the keenness of young rural men to get a job in the administration for it is a steady and guaranteed revenue, improving once standing in society and the promise of a better match when marriage time comes.