Spot the difference.

I can testify personally to this scene, my little sister growing up in the countryside was often called bommai which means doll in Tamil, as in the western concept of a barbie doll!  Her white skin, blond hair and blue eyes made her stand out.



Children of brick makers, helping their parents (Photo,
Hard work pulling heavy loads for a pittance, competing against truck owners, these men often lease the cart from its owner, having to eek out a living from next to nothing. (Photo, Simon Steinberger)
Some men just never give up, such as this man who should be ripe for retirement and yet continue their daily labour come rain or heat

India is still a country where manual labour comes extremely cheap, and one comes across some heart rendering images of men and women, and sadly children too, labouring strenuouslyto survive.  A small prayer to all these men, women and children on this day that their efforts may be valorised and their lives see better days to come.