Where’s my lunch?

Ever heard of the Dabbawallas?  Well here they are waiting for the train, 20 odd lunch boxes of office goers balancing on their heads.  They deliver lunch boxes from homes to offices to millions of Mumbai hungry people everyday and the most amazing thing is that they rarely get the wrong address.


Stark stork story

Greater Adjutant storks stand by as a boy picks through a landfill (Photo: AFP/Getty Images)
Storks have seen their wetlands turned into a dump (Photo: Ritu Raj Konwar)
Daily, 50 trucks dump refuse from the cisty of Guwahati in Assam, NE India (Photo: AFP/Getty Images)

A sad reality, as urbanisation takes its toll on the environment. Deerpol Beel in Guwahati i Assam, NE India, a traditional wetland sanctuary for Great Adjutant Storks has been converted into the city’s refuse dump yard.


Need a good book?

I remember this bookstore in Bangalore, similar to this one but selling new ones, there seemed to be no logic to the piles, and yet when you requested to owner for a particular author or title he would without a second of hesitation pull it out of the maze!