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Dear reader, as you may realise by now, we strive to bring a smile to your face all the way from our beloved country that is India only.  That said, we have not advertised on this page till now because we feel that random ads takes away from the site rather than bring something more.  We wanted to keep the fun and cool look-and-feel of the site.  Having said this, we also want to promote India and what India has to offer to the world, but we also need some financial support to do all this.  So we may not be as creative as this fellow country man:

… but we are now looking for suitable services and products to advertise on the blog.  We are on the lookout for original Made in India products whose promoters would like to advertise to an Indophile audience from all over the world.  If you know of some company with such products or services that promote what is best about India then please get in touch.  We will review and accept the best.  We charge a minimal fee for advertising.

The we2ours2 team.


A big Thank you!

Dear fans of Only In India,

150 000 page views and counting, we are still to mark our first year anniversary and we have already hit the 150k milestone.  A big thank you to all of you who are visiting, clicking, sharing, and commenting on the pages.

We are also quite proud to note that “Only In India” search phrase puts us at the number one result on most search engines.

To mark this important milestones, we want to get you to contribute your stories and get some credit too.  We have just added out “Want to Contribute” page among the tab links at the top.  Check it out, and submit your nice photos, funny photos, great ads or documentaries about India.  Give us a link to your blog, website, twitter handle, google+ page or even a LinkedIn profile if you want to claim credit for your photos and stories and we will be happy to oblige.

Happy surfing,
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Only In India Team